The Assertive Communicator

Releasing Your Confidence and Communication Power

Can You Relate To The Following?

  • Struggling to voice your opinion in a meeting that is dominated by others.
  • Trying to articulate what you know in your head and finding it difficult to express.
  • Or perhaps you are finding others clam up or don’t say much when you’re communicating.
  • Feeling a lack of confidence to express your opinion freely.
  • Or even experiencing the extremes of claming up or blowing up.

If any of these describe your communication experiences then ‘The Assertive Communicator’ could be exactly what you need.

The ability to be assertive and carry the necessary confidence to gain the results and success we desire is not always straight forward. We live in a world that is plagued by poor self esteem and personal image which has a direct effect on our ability to perform and reach our true potential. Discover the secrets to tapping in to your power and releasing your confidence and become the assertive person in your work environment you have always desired to be

“Over the 2 days of the course I feel I have a higher self awareness and a much better understanding of dealing with difficult situations and assertiveness techniques in the workplace.”

Gayle Flower

Mercy Hospital for Women

“Very valuable for professional and personal interactions.”

Jenny Kelly

City of Greater Geelong

Designed for:

This is applicable to anyone who desires to find fresh strategies to become more influential, to gain respect, and learn strategies to persuasively communicate ideas and proposals. This program is for people who are currently looking to increase their ability to set appropriate boundaries and communicate clear messages. If you are looking for new ways to increase communication and personal confidence in business and in life then ‘The Assertive Communicator’ is the workshop for you. This program is aimed at all roles and functions across all industries.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  One or two day program depending on desired objectives.

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover

  • Some simple strategies to immediately increase your assertive communication
  • How to deal with different personality and communication styles
  • The real difference between assertiveness, aggression and passive aggressive behaviour
  • Effective questioning techniques to plant seeds of influence in the listeners mind
  • How to use power bases to facilitate discussion
  • The successful and necessary mindset to becoming an assertive communicator
  • A unique 6 step formula to release your confidence power
  • How and when to be assertive… it is not always wise or necessary
  • Your current assertiveness level with our self assessment exercise
  • How to say no without feeling guilty or being perceived as aggressive or difficult
  • What to do when you get negative reactions to your communication message
  • The key skills and mindset necessary to communicate with different levels of authority
  • The ability to structure and communicate your message persuasively

Key Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Have a clear action plan to develop your assertiveness and confidence to a whole new level of impact.
  • Communicate and position your message in the most influential way.
  • Use effective questioning strategies to navigate to your desired outcome.
  • Knowing how to say ‘no’ and set effective boundaries.
  • Feel more comfortable when others are critical or don’t agree with you.
  • Develop response phrases and statements.
  • Understand the barriers and people filters that will block your message.