Successful Performance Management

Aligning People and Organisations brings Focused Results!

It takes superior people management skills and a clear strategy to work through and provide practical solutions to develop your staff to deliver consistent results. The challenge is, managing performance can take blind courage, commitment, time and energy to deal with the highs and lows of people performance. Too many managers can subscribe to ‘performance management denial’ and can play down the issues of poor performance, or adversely micro manage an individual to the point where trust and empowerment have vacated the relationship.

Some managers can give the excuse that “they have not been adequately trained or they are not fully aware of the organisations performance management policies or the legal environment,” As result they do not manage performance issues effectively and in alignment with the objectives of their team or business unit. Without proper skills and necessary attention poorly managed performance issues will impact on morale, staff engagement and ultimately, the financial bottom line.

Successful Performance Management is a breakthrough training course that will provide your managers with a range of skills and knowledge to better manage poor performance and most importantly, understand how to develop high performing individuals.

Designed For

Successful Performance Management is applicable to anyone who is looking for ways to lead their team, or individuals to achieve top performance. It is aimed at all levels of management in an organisation and is designed to give fresh ideas and techniques to enhance  people management skills through the performance process.

(NB: VTI can incorporate your performance management system, policy and procedure and any other relevant organisational information into the content of the program).

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  1 or 1/2 day program

Cost: Upon request.

You Will Discover

  • The keys to understand and implement successful feedback methods
  • How to create regular feedback processes and manage them well
  • The way to develop appropriate behaviour matching strategies when managing poor performance
  • The path to building better relationships, generating trust, loyalty and reducing resistance
  • The sure fire communication techniques to engage in more productive conversations
  • How to help individuals cope with a changing work environment
  • Manage the diversity of different levels of performance in your team consistently at the same time
  • Set appropriate KPI targets and create strategy to integrate the relevant behavioural standards
  • Identify potential poor performance issues before they spiral out of control
  • The techniques to create a performance culture that builds a momentum producing high performance results
  • The strategies and methods to confront difficult and uncomfortable issues of performance
  • The right way to inspire and motivate individuals and link reward
  • How to identify disengagement issues and re-emgage with positive strategies
  • The successful framework and practice for winning performance discussions
  • The right methods to set boundaries with employees

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and manage the process of Performance Management
  • Implement the necessary communication skills required
  • The knowledge to develop key strategies needed for performance improvement
  • How to deal with resistance and uncomfortable performance issues
  • Diagnosing the correct performance strategies necessary to facilitate progress
  • Framing techniques and managing the performance discussion effectively
  • Conducting effective feedback and one on one sessions