Sales and Marketing the Successful Way

If you’re not sure how to approach your prospect in a way that will win their hearts and their business,  if you struggle with out of date methods that sometimes just annoy your clients, then Sales and Marketing the  Successful Way is just what you need.

The techniques and learning approach in this program will build your sales confidence, introduce cutting edge methods of winning sales and help you persuade, market and position your products to your clients with results,  Many of the techniques in this program have been refined over several years of experience working directly with a range of industries including retail, wholesale, hospitality, real estate, as well as many business to business organisations.  These strategies come with proven results!

Thanks for facilitating such an outstanding 2 days of high calibre sales training to the Positive Training Team. The material was thought provoking and useful for improving sales techniques leading to a far superior results. There were many implementable strategies and the session was delivered in a highly engaging manner. It was a pleasure to do business with Vision Training International and we cannot wait until the next session!

James Grima

CEO, Positive Training, (Sales and Marketing the Successful Way)

Designed For:

Anyone who has to sell and develop strong solid customer relationships and stimulate return business, generate potential clients, or delivers proposals. The course is suited for Business Development Managers, Account Managers or those who use customer service as a base to up sell the client base.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  1 or 2 day program

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover

  • Practical tools to help structure effective sales presentations and pitches
    The keys to unlocking your customer’s buying triggers and keeping them engaged with your product and services
  • Techniques to building 5 star customer relationships and delivering 5 star service
  • Advanced style communication techniques to analyse and read your audience’s unique style and communicate persuasively
  • How to develop your unique USP to position your products and services with a leading market edge
  • The psychology of influence and persuasion and how to tailor your sales approach around your customers buying triggers
  • The fundamentals of selling and relationship marketing
  • How to identify previously unrecognised sales opportunities so you stop leaving money on the table
  • How to work with the “Law of Reciprocity” to leverage your sales edge
  • Understanding the mindset and application required to market products in a media cluttered and highly competitive environment
  • The core elements of benefits vs features and how to build trust and manage client perception
  • The most effective way to generate new leads without pounding the pavement and making cold calls

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Know the techniques that will save you precious time in preparing your sales presentation
  • Develop techniques that help you position your message more persuasively
  • Effectively position your USP and position your product ahead of the competition
  • Use strategic communication techniques to manage the sales dialogue more confidently
  • Understand and implement the key skills to build stronger customer relationships
  • Use value exchange techniques to become more persuasive
  • How to flush out and handle any objections the client may have and then use risk reversal techniques
  • How to use simple non threatening closing techniques
  • How to semi-automate the lead generating process of getting prospects so you can spend time focusing on your most important clients
  • Implement cutting edge marketing strategies to improve your results
  • Set yourself up as the ‘Trusted Advisor’ in the eyes of your client, the highest level of customer relationship perception