Presenting with Impact

Discovering the Secrets to Presenting and Speaking Like a Pro!

2 Day Course or 1 Day Lite Version:

Can you relate to the following:

  • The dread of speaking in front of a live audience?
  • An inability to get your message across clearly and   effectively?
  • An attack of the nerves?
  • Trouble with your audience switching off, or worse still, falling asleep?
  • Having to present to senior management and or peers and feeling like you didn’t quite nail it?
  • Staring at a blank computer screen not really sure where to start your presentation and how to put it all together?

If you can relate to any of the above then ‘Presenting with Impact’ is for you. For most people – who fear presenting almost more than dying – their presentation will quickly be forgotten and have little or no impact. This program is your way to make a difference and stand out from the rest.

Presenting with Impact provides proven successful strategies to equip the participant with the skills and mindset to know how to plan, structure and deliver powerful presentations. Discover how to engage your audience with any subject matter and create positive audience dynamics to reach desired outcomes.   In this session you will learn everything from structuring the information, the correct body language and vocal projection techniques, as well as using successful visual support principles.


“I will be recommending this to my staff and colleagues that want to/need to improve their presentation skills excellent value top marks to David Patmore.”

Damien Power

Aker Kvaerner

’ve just come back from the above course & wanted to give you some feedback as I felt it was the best course I’ve ever been on. The presenter (David Patmore) was engaging, enlightening & he really connected with the group. As well as the practicalities of public speaking such as body language, confidence, content etc, he went into issues of self-esteem, perception & visualisation which I found amazingly helpful.  I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough (& believe me, I’m not the kind  of person to offer such fulsome praise!) Joanne Day

Heritage Kitchen

Designed for:

Present to teams, individual proposals, boards or potential clients. Those who desire to Inspire and motivate their audience. Build confidence and provide methodology for presenting. To help learn the principles to communicate with clear objectives.

Presenting with Impact can be conducted as a one or two day session. Each participant will be asked to prepare a 5 min presentation to enhance understanding and practice. A feedback session is conducted using video  to optimise self learning.


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You Will Discover

  • Practical tools to help structure effective presentations
  • The keys to unlocking your audience and keeping them engaged from beginning to end
  • Techniques to present persuasively with clear objectives
  • Advanced style communication techniques to analyse and read your audiences unique style.
  • Little known secret techniques to handle even the most difficult audience.
  • Effective information preparation and rehearsal techniques.
  • Skills to present to small and large audiences.
  • How to manage your outward appearance and body language to create a top class and polished performance.
  • How to project and use the power of your voice to speak with authority and gain higher levels of audience engagement.
  • Setting the right atmosphere for a presentation to increase your impact.
  • Effective use of Power Point and visual aids to avoid the dreaded “Death by Power Point Epidemic”
  • Most importantly, a unique 6 step strategy to dealing with nerves and releasing your confidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the information management techniques that will save you precious time in preparing your presentation
  • Develop techniques that help you position your message more persuasively
  • Know the techniques to manage any audience or difficult situation
  • Understand how to present an impacting outward appearance
  • The necessary skills to project and animate your vocal performance
  • The 6 ingredients to present with confidence and with your natural style
  • How to present your main objective in a persuasive manner and gain buy in
  • The method of success to structure and organise your information
  • The key skills required to analyse and match audience relevance