Presenting the numbersHere is some more tips on effective public speaking and presentations.

Fear of public speaking plunges most people in a dilemma, while some walk in and present their speech skillfully, get rave reviews and walk away with pride. It is important to know that Public Speaking and Presentation Skills requires a clear purpose, a strategy for achieving that purpose and preparation and practice. Every speech made in public whether in an office or in front of huge audience is a presentation.

Trainers of effective public speaking outlined some basic skills for every public speaker. Some of them are: every public Speaker should be able to research a topic, focus on the message, and organize ideas logically. Presenters should avoid quotations to make the language flowery, and use it only to complement ideas.

Telling a story, incorporating some humor, using visual aids if necessary, connecting with the audience by having a question and answer session are some of the rules for an effective presentation. .Seeking feedback at the end is also important, to know how much you have been understood. Generally a good presentation is seasoned with the rule of three.

It is a popular concept in writing and is believed to make the writing more humorous and easy to remember and also effective. Some examples are

  • Friends ,Romans Countrymen
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici

Once you have an effective speech, learn how to present it successfully. If you are inhibited by stage fright, you are sure to stumble and make verbal blunders and struggle with the filler words like “umm” and “ah” which are considered errant duringpublic speaking and presentation. Deliver the speech without being nervous. Perhaps the biggest fear after death is to speak in public. Nearly 41% of the people fear to speak in public. Follow some of the principles given below for effective presentation.

  • Turn your speech into conversation
  • Use eye contact, appropriate gestures for optimum effect.
  • Organize, develop and design the Presentation carefully.
  • Handle tough questions and learn from them.

So you have learnt the basics. How about enhancing your Public Speaking and Presentation skills? There are numerous trainers and life skill coaches. It would be advantageous to take some lessons to bring out the leader in you.

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