presentation_essentialsHow strong are your presentation skills? Presentation skills are not only important when giving speeches to large crowds. Presentation skills are crucial in business in lecture settings, training sessions, client presentation and in face to face meetings. Follow the strategies outlined below to improve your presentation skills.

1.     Join Toastmasters– Whether you join Toastmasters or another professional presentation organization, your presentation skills will immediately begin to improve. These groups were created to train public speaking skills, presentation skills and general leadership skills. The meetings are often flexible, with evening and daytime opportunities.

2.     Take a Course– There are a variety of professionals who offer presentation and public speaking courses. You may be able to take them online, or participate in a seminar in person. These courses are designed to break down presentations into bite size pieces for training, allowing you to improve your skill sets slowly over time. Both practicing at home and within a group setting are recommended to see improvement.

3.     Volunteer– Seek opportunities to present in your current job position. Teaching, speaking at college career days or even taking the lead within a team setting will all work to enhance your presentation skills.

4.     Video Yourself– One of the best ways for self critique is to video yourself and replay it over and over again. You will often be your harshest critic. So by watching yourself present on video, you will be able to pick up on the areas in which you need to focus on moving forward.

5.     Ask for Feedback– Another form of feedback that is beneficial is to ask individuals around you to critique you. If you are practicing for an upcoming presentation, ask friends and family to help you prepare by providing you with feedback. After you have given a presentation, ask your supervisors and peers for feedback.

Presentation skills will improve with practice and focus.

Warm regards,

David Patmore

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