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The 5 Power Bases 

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This next session on Secret Negotiating Tactics covers the 5 power bases you will encounter in any formal or informal negotiation.  This is what I call a profiling skill.  Profiling is the ability to assess different underlying relationship and strategy factors that don’t appear obvious on the surface in the inter-relational and communication dynamic.

An understanding of power bases can give us insight into what someone can use for their own advantage or to the benefit of all parties involved when trying to find agreement in a negotiation.  When you can identify there bases before the negotiation you can prepare an effective strategy in case one of them has the potential to work against you.

At the end of this audio you will be able to identify these 5 bases and never be caught with your guard down again.

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The next audio subject is entitled ‘The 5 Negotiation Styles’  so stay tuned.

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