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The Negotiating Edge 1

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This audio is the first of a four part mini-series on using negotiating strategies and tactics to improve your day to day negotiations in the workplace.   This first audio focuses on planning and preparation and takes you through a couple of simple negotiating techniques that can help you be prepared next time you’re negotiating.

In the audio I also refer to a site where you can download a FREE mindmapping software program called FREEMIND.  I mentioned this in a previous Blog post so you will find the link here:  http://visiontraininginternational.com.au/?p=358

The remaining 3 audios I will be posting will cover:

Audio 2: The Interest Based Model

Audio 3: Power Bases

Audio 4: Negotiation Styles

It’s always great to get your feedback either by writing your thoughts in the comments section of this post, or sending me your ideas on topics you feel will be of help to all those on the weekly coaching program.

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David Patmore


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