How are you perceived by those that you lead within your organisation? While a great deal of time and focus is spent on branding a product or service, little attention is directed to an individual leader’s brand and its potential impact on their leadership results. Business leadership results are often derived from a leader’s ability to develop and maintain their brand.

corporate-hero-newA brand is a set of expectations and a promise that those expectations will be met. A leader’s brand must express and reinforce their underlying values along with those of their organisation. So, how can a leader develop their brand within their organisation?


One of the most important leadership skills to master is that of integrity. Simply put, integrity refers to a leader’s ability to remain consistent between their actions and their words. To strengthen your brand, ensure that you are under promising and over delivering and that you are constantly striving to remain consistent with those you lead.


Do your team members know what to expect when they interact with you? Is your demeanour consistent, are your actions consistent, do you regularly follow up and hold others accountable? To strengthen your brand, ensure that you focus on developing and maintaining consistency in your words and actions when working with your organisation. You will gain effective leadership results when those you lead know what to expect from you.

You have a brand, similar to a popular product or service. How your brand is perceived by those within your organisation will affect your ability to obtain desired leadership results. To improve your brand image, focus on maintaining and demonstrating integrity along with working to exhibit consistency in your words and actions. If your current leadership brand is not representative of your leadership skills, just like a company or product can redefine their brand, so can you.

‘Empowering People to Exceptional Performance.’

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David Patmore


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