stockxpertcom_id762803_jpg_a5c4f504be770f21ce9ced5da5005e63Sometimes it is important to take a moment in life and reflect on what sort of  legacy  we are leaving to those around us.   The online dictionary defines it as an amount of money or property left in a will or something handed down by a predecessor.   The legacy I would like to discuss here is the one handed down by a predecessor.

You are who you are today because someone took the time to shape and mould you in some way.  Whether that be a parent, teacher, sports coach or some one in business, they  all left you with lessons and life principles that have lived on in you in some way.  This is why it is so important to be aware of  the Power of Leadership and the responsibility it carries.

This is about living everyday with the  awareness that as a leader (we are all leaders even if it just of ourselves) we can be having a lasting effect on others by what we say and do.   This all comes down to our mindset.  Do we go forward everyday with the awareness of the difference we can make in others looking for opportunities, or do we just cruise on by oblivious to the opportunities that exist around us?  We can  leave small, medium or even large Legacy to those around us.

I can’t count the number of people who deposited something of themselves in me at a time in my life that I needed direction help and guidance.  Beautiful human beings who without looking for thanks or reward just gave something of themselves to me even when I didn’t deserve it.   The legacy leavers normally become more obvious to you when things are tough,  their help and guidance stand out and last in you for years to come.  Sometimes you only become aware of the legacy that was left to you upon reflection years later.

We normally use the term legacy when someone has gone and left us with something life changing.  At funerals legacies are often highlighted and brought to the attention of all attending as we reflect on what lesson or contribution this person’s life has left us.  The decision to be a Leader in itself starts the process of leaving a legacy of positive influence to the lives around you.  Normally we are  not even aware that a legacy is being shaped and deposited  into someone as we go about our daily routine.  So how important is it to be a leader and look for opportunities to give something of yourself to others?  You just never know the difference you are making.

What About When We Make Mistakes What Sort of Legacy Do We Leave Then?

I have always endeavored to be the best leader I can be, however I have made some really bad mistakes that unfortunately have affected other people in a negative way.  Anyone who has known me for a while might be nodding their head in agreement at this point. 🙂  What I am saying is simply this, we leave a legacy whether we realize it or not and even our downfalls are used to leave a positive legacy.  That is the balance here, sometimes in order to leave a legacy with others we have to learn from and accept our failures as we will no doubt be called on in life to help others not make the same mistakes.

Fortunately I have also left a lot good legacies as well just thought I would let you know. 🙂

Examples of Some of the Simple Things We Can Do to Leave a Legacy to Someone:

  • Be a mentor in areas you can help others who are not there yet
  • Make yourself available to coach people and cultivate their skills in sports, work, life etc.
  • Being non-judgemental in a judgamental world, a rare trait that brings strength and hope to others
  • Just being prepared to listen,  show support and encouragement
  • Write to someone you have wronged and ask for forgiveness (not an obvious one but it opens new doors and releases bad energy for mutual growth)

This was really just my thought for the day, which was inspired by an email I wrote  to an old friend who originally mentored me in how to be a trainer and a coach in the workplace.  His mentoring was instrumental in shaping my whole career and helping me discover skills I never even knew I had.   In fact I would not even been writing this to you today had it not been for his influence.  A lot of what he taught me has gone on to help thousands of peoples lives. His Leadership has left a powerful legacy not only for me but for those I have helped.

So what is the message here?

Never underestimate the power of the value you add and the legacy you leave when you decide to become a personal leader and help other people in their  life.

To your success,

The Communication Guy

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