Once you have prepared your project plan, it is time to get to work. Implementation is one of the biggest challenges for project_managementnew or inexperienced project managers. But, it is crucial as without full and detailed implementation, your project may not yield the results that are intended.

Follow these steps to begin working on your project plan:

  1. Control Direction– Project management begins with the implementation of the project plan that was previously developed. One of the biggest challenges is to execute the plan and control direction when things begin to move off course.
  2. Review Progress– Take time to review the project’s progress regularly so that if there is an issue, it is addressed earlier. This will save you and your organization time and money.
  3. Keep an Eye on the Schedule– Time is extremely valuable when working a project plan. And, not only do you need to oversee the larger schedule, but you need to manage the entire team’s individual time and how they are spending it. It is often the project manager’s responsibility to manage the entire team, ensuring that the project comes in on time and under budget.
  4. Manage the Budget– Do not let the budget get away from you. Build in a buffer to account for miscellaneous expense or issues that may arise during the project. If an issue arises or begins to develop, work proactively to address it.
  5. Observe for Warning Signs– Part of the project manager’s role is to anticipate issues or opportunities before they arise. Budget variances, time line issues, team members not fulfilling their responsibilities, quality issues, or anything else that may arise are the project manager’s responsibility. Learn to spot signs of an issue in advance so that you can minimize their impact.

Acting as a project manager involves managing several moving parts. By working in a proactive manner, you will often avoid many common issues, delivering your project on time and on budget.

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