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Here is a video tutorial that explores two different types of thinking. A ‘Role and Function’ mindset, which will ultimately sabotage your personal motivation and workplace performance. And a Mission and Purpose’ mindset, which will create rewarding success.

A ‘Role and Function’ mindset can reduce employee performance and introduce limited thinking and low job satisfaction.  If you have ever engaged with this type of thinking it can easily lead you into a daily grind experience, stuck on the treadmill, and create job disatisfaction. On the other hand if you have a ‘Mission and Purpose’ mindset, even the most basic of job roles, will often give you an experience of higher role satisfaction. This however, requires you take on an attitude and behavioural focus that will make a real positive difference to you and those you work with. High performance workplaces are built on this successful mindset.

To find out more about how each of the above mindsets may impact you, watch the video below. It goes for around 25 min and might really challenge the way you currently think about your role and job. I trust it motivates you to think differently about the contribution and value you give daily in a more rewarding way.  What you might believe is small and insignificant about the value you bring to others, can often be quite powerful and impacting to their workplace motivation and even their personal lives.

To your best success

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