Project management is a skill that can be used in a variety of job positions and within virtually every organization. Even ifProject_Management_Page-23 your current job title does not contain the phrase ‘project manager’, the skills below will enable you to improve your overall work performance. One of the first project management skills to master is the ability to clearly define the project itself and the initial work plan. Defining the Project Before you can work the plan, you need to plan the work. The first step when planning to work is to clearly define the actual project you are about to tackle. Use the following guide to help you define your specific project.

  • What is the intended purpose of the project? What are the business drivers being evaluated? What are the benefits to the business of this particular project when implemented?
  • What is the desired outcome of the project?
  • What deliverables are expected or will be used throughout the project?
  • Is this project designed to solve an organizational problem? If so, what is the scope of the current problem?
  • What is the project’s intended timeline?
  • What approach will work best throughout this project?
  • Who are the other members that will be on the project team?
  • What is the budget for this project and how is it broken down? Who is in charge of managing the budget?

Creating the Detailed Workplan After the initial thoughts regarding the project have been explored and defined, the project plan can be created. The project plan includes the step by step process in which the project will begin through its end. Tasks, deliverables and responsibilities will be defined within the project plan. The workplan should include your planning horizon. The planning horizon looks at the project from a high level, ensuring that every detail is outlined within the project workplan. As you work through the plan, details and milestones will change. By taking time to define your project, the entire task will go smoothly, saving you both time and money. ‘Committed to Empowering People to Exceptional Performance.’ Warmest regards, David Patmore VTIBall

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