Strength in NumbersHere are a few thoughts on teams.

A team is only as strong as the combined performance of those involved. Each member of the team must be dedicated, collaborative, and proficient. When one person disagrees with the common goal, his or her performance will affect others in the group. At this stage the Team Manager enters to play a pivotal role in organizing his team. What is the Team Managers role?

Effectively speaking a good manger needs to adhere to some basic management principles while at the same time he needs to exhibit some efficient Team Management skills in his personality. There are a few basic know-how’s for Team Management.

  • Leadership. As a manager what counts is not individual contribution, but how well you get work done by others. This would mean that the Team Manager needs to adapt his leadership skills to meet the needs of every member in his team. Team Management is about carefully assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the team member and guiding them towards the accomplishment of a common goal. This means a just allocation of work to the members, planning and  implementation of the task assigned and guiding  the team with task completion
  • Team Building: Another basic Team Management skill that includes dealing with people, encouraging the team members to speak up, allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them is Team building skill. To build a good team the Team Manager needs to foster team spirit, and motivate the Team Members all the time. To succeed, a manager needs to cater to the team’s expectations, recognize their strengths and weakness.
  • Team Management is also about effective communication and presentation. An alternate term for this would be Soft Skills. The team manger needs to determine the best communication strategy with your team and your higher authorities.
  • Decision Making in other words is problem solving. When your team is grappling with a problem, or the right decision, the manger needs to face the issue and brain storm solutions effectively.

In short Team Management is making the right decision and getting the right people to execute them.

So how do you make a good decision?

Here is a simple 7 Step formula:

1. Identify the problem

2. Consultation

3. Develop alternatives

4. Analyse alternatives

5. Select alternative

6. Implement decision

7. Evaluate effectiveness

‘Empowering People to Exceptional Performance.’

Warmest regards,

David Patmore

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