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Elliot Hayes Interview Part 1

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stockxpertcom_id161678_jpg_89418ea8cdd0d51e37f333b202def74fRecently I conducted an Interview with a colleague of mine ‘Elliot Hayes.’ Elliot is an expert in productivity and the marriage of that to technology. Quite a unique and necessary specialisation!

The interview covers some of the key components of getting more out of your day and your technology.

You will discover in this interview:

  • How to increase your energy and get more out of your day
  • Key strategies to manage your email effectively
  • The principles behind how to get 3 hours of productivity in one hour using the power of focus.

Elliot also mentioned a FREE tutorial in this interview.  To gain access click the link below:

Click here for the Elliot Hayes Tutorial

‘Committed to Empowering People to Exceptional Performance.’

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David Patmore


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