cardinal-newmanWhether you lead informally or formally, your leadership matters! And while you may exhibit leadership skills currently, it is important to sharpen your saw and work to improve them on an ongoing basis to remain effective. To increase your leadership skills, focus on the 5 cardinal rules of leadership outlined below.

1.     Protect your Mind– If you cannot control your thoughts, you will fall to pieces. Every day as leaders we are challenged with growth opportunities. In the event that you are faced with failures or setbacks, stop and force yourself to give 3 reasons why this event, outcome or occurrence was good. Always protect your mind as a leader.

2.     Lift People Up, Don’t Tear them Down– If you must punish, do so in private. In public, lift people up. Effective leadership involves knowing when to use the ‘carrot and when to use the stick’ when working with your team.

3.     Ask for Help– While some leaders consider asking for help a sign of weakness, the best leaders see this as a sign of strength. Effective leadership involves seeking help or guidance as it is needed and being self aware enough to know what your personal gaps are and what the gaps of your organization are. Seeking those that have more experience or knowledge will enable you to achieve a greater level of leadership results within your organization.

4.     Don’t Fight it Get Excited– When your organization changes direction or changes policies, don’t fight them, get excited. Effective leadership involves being able to adapt to changes within your organization.

5.     Think Big– Effective leaders set and strive for stretch goals for themselves and for those that the lead. Define goals in terms of time frame and amount and then track them over time. When your result deviate from those that are expected or desired, make changes within your organization to move back on track for achieving your goals.

Effective leadership involves striving for constant improvement personally and within your organization. These 5 cardinal rules will strengthen your business leadership skills.

‘Committed to Empowering People to Exceptional Performance.’

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David Patmore


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