leadership-wordOne of the best ways to determine how effective you are as a leader is through evaluating the results you are getting within your organization. Effective leadership can be linked to enhanced retention within your organization, to improved employee satisfaction and to overall business revenues. Many individuals possess natural leadership skills. The rest of the world has to work on enhancing their leadership skills through self-evaluation, practice and by following the advice of successful leaders who have come before them.

Here are 5 proven methods for improving your leadership skills:

1.     Honest Dialogue– Some leaders avoid direct and honest dialogue with their employees out of fear of reactions, hurting the employees feelings or because they believe it is kinder to soften the blow. In reality, employees will have a higher level of respect for you if you deliver feedback honestly and directly.

2.     Be Open– When providing feedback to your team, include positive and negative aspects of your observations. Keep emotion out of the conversation and focus on being objective in your comments.

3.     Accept Feedback– In addition to focusing on providing honest feedback to your employees, you must also be willing to accept feedback from colleagues and supervisors. Feedback is essential for personal growth. So, whenever someone is providing you feedback, listen and accept their comments with open ears. Then, take steps to implement their suggestions in your daily actions.

4.     Make Suggestions– Part of effective leadership involves steering the direction of your team or organization. If your operations remain unchanged over time, your business or division runs the risk of becoming outdated over time. Seek opportunities to enhance functionality and processes within your organization and provide feedback to your supervisors on an ongoing basis so that you may constantly strive to enhance your workplace.

5.     Accept Responsibility– One of the largest challenges for many leaders is to accept responsibility for results, both when they are positive and when they are negative. The most important thing to remember as a leader is that the buck stops with you- you are responsible for the results that you and your team produce.

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