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3 Quick Tips to Managing and Leading Up

managing up

Leading Up or Managing Up is the ability to effectively navigate the relationship we have with those that are senior to us in position.   This could be a boss we directly report to, or even someone else in our organisation that has a superior responsibility and relational position to us.

These types of relationships can be quite positive, rewarding and fulfilling or in some circumstances very challenging, as we face some of the different management styles and motives involved.  In this audio I address 3 quick tips that will be very helpful to those who may be looking for techniques when managing up, or as friendly reminders of things we need to practice.

We look at:

1.  High Level Listening Skills (Strategic Listening)
2. Communicating the Positives

3. Providing Solutions not Just Problems

Also in this  audio I expand on these 3 techniques and how we can build them into our dialogue when Leading Up or Managing Up.  Some of the things we explore involve identifying the key areas that will always gain greater buy in from a senior leader.  When we know these we can direct the dialogue around some of these areas always opening the relationship up to greater influence and engagment.

I have also put together a second Audio on this subject for next weeks coaching tip, entitled ‘Another 3 Quick tips for Managing and Leading Up.’ Original title hey… 🙂

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