cavemanHave you ever wondered why a person talks more with their fists than words when they are  angry? Or why do you feel like bashing up something when you are upset about something not going the way you wanted? Well we are talking about our emotions. Being angry is as natural as being happy about something! The way we react to these emotions decide our emotional intelligence!

An essential skill:

We are born with certain aspects of our lives. We do not have any influence on our brain. We can not enhance the basic limitations we are born with but we can learn to improve our emotional intelligence. It has become an essential skill to acquire for more fulfilling life.

The importance:

As the world comes together and becomes a global village, the emotional intelligence plays an important part is getting along with people from different countries and people from different cultures.

Emotional intelligence is all about self awareness, ability to see the other point of view and managing ones own and other people’s emotions. If you are aware of your own emotions and why you feel angry or upset about a situation, with training you can see the other side of the problem. The empathy aspect plays an important part in solving complex and potentially explosive situations at work place or home.

The need to acquire this skill is felt through out the world. We are thinking animals. We can not solve all our problems just by bashing up the person. If we can find a way that will be acceptable to all the parties the peace may prevail on this earth.

Our day to day life becomes much smoother if we have this essential skill called emotional intelligence. We are in a better position to handle our own emotions and can appreciate the other person’s point of view. So instead of just reacting to the situation we act in a proactive way and the tension simmers down.

When you are able to identify negative emotions you can channel the energy to do more constructive things. There are tests you can take to understand your own self and to lead more fulfilling life!

3 Keys to becoming more Emotionally Intelligent:

1. Get regular feedback from others

2. Always listen or read information that helps you grow personally

3. Spend time in reflection and analyse why you react to the things you do.

Just doing these 3 things will enhance your ability to become more emotionally intelligent.

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Warmest regards,

David Patmore

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