Leading and Managing Change Successfully

Positive Strategies to Ensure that you Lead Change the Right Way!
Many individuals fear the uncertainty that change can bring to their role and organisation. If it’s led well, your employees will embrace change positively. If it’s led and communicated poorly, forget it. One thing is for sure, change in any organisation is a given. It is a part of our personal and professional lives and most people struggle at some level with change. The lack of experience in leading change can result in chaos and dysfunctional teams. It’s critical that your key people know how to nurture an environment that will help your people embrace change in your organisation in a successful way. Leading and Managing Change Successfully will help you lead your team, department, or organisation into the greener pastures of higher performance whilst minimising resistance throughout the change process.

Designed For:

Leading and Managing Change Successfully is applicable to anyone who is looking for ways to lead their team and department through organisational change. It is aimed at all levels of senior and middle management, as well as those looking for new and fresh ideas to help take their team to the next level. This course is applicable to all those who are either currently, or will be going through the change process with their team.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  1/2, 1 or 2 day program

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover

  • The 8 steps of effective change
  • The psychology of change management
  • How to identify opportunities for positive change
  • When and how to communicate the right message during the change process
  • The 5 characteristics of leading teams effectively through change
  • Create the buy-in for change
  • The right techniques to deal with resistance to change
  • The strategies to create a vision and culture that embraces change

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Avoid the common mistakes that people make when leading change
  • Identify your key influencers and change agents
  • Understand the key motivators of change.
  • Create a continuous improvement process encouraging effective feedback
  • Lead change positively
  • Help employees identify the positive opportunities within change
  • Understand the psychology of how humans react to change and know how to manage it
  • Develop the right communication strategy for your team during the change process
  • Know the strategies to deal with entrenched thinking and resistance to change
  • Define change and it’s stages
  • Develop an understanding that change is a continued process that never stops
  • Set up a successful communication plan for the change.