obama2As a leader, one of the most important skills to master is that of influencing. Similar to skills required in selling products or services, leaders must learn the art of reading people and communication in an effort to positively persuade others. To improve your ability to influence others, learn how to present your proposition clearly, to support it with data and facts and to structure your deals in such a way as to move forward toward closure.

Follow these 3 easy steps to improve your impact when influencing others:

1. Present your ideas, thoughts or proposition clearly to those you are looking to persuade. What is the outcome that you are anticipating? What do you hope to accomplish? If you have presented your ideas already, have you done so in a clear manner? If not, what can you do to rectify the situation?

2. Present supporting data, facts or information for your idea. Many people respond positively when you support a statement, request or idea with supporting information. Search for information that will add credibility in order to improve your ability to persuade others. Even if you don’t require the information that you gather to persuade someone, it is a good process to work through as it will enhance your initial presentation. Knowledge is power.

3. Develop structure for your ideas and work through to completion. Influencing others is a process. And the process will go smoother when you implement structure into your methodology. With practice, the process will become more and more like a habit, and your skills will improve. Always follow the entire process through to completion or resolution.

The art of using influencing skills has many advantages when implemented within a business setting. Like anything new, this skill will require practice in order to perfect it. But, over time, your ability to influence others will strengthen when you follow these 3 easy steps.

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