How effective are you at influencing others? Influence is an important skill to master as a leader, as it touches all parts of an organization. Leaders and business owners must be able to effectively influence their staff, colleagues, vendors and network contacts. To improve your ability to influence others, work to gain the perspective of others, acknowledge the perspective of others, reduce fears or anxiety, pay attention to cues and practice patience.

Listed below are 5 sure fire ways to get results with your influencing skills and ability.


1.     Gain Perspective– To influence others, strive to gain their perspective on an issue. Most people will not change their fundamental perspective or belief. And if yours are different than those you are influencing, it can be challenging to influence them unless you proactively work to see things through their eyes. Ask clarifying questions, watch their body language, and utilize information that you have gathered through interacting with them in the past to gain perspective.

2.     Acknowledge their Perspective– Why you may not necessarily agree with someone’s perspective, acknowledge that they have been heard through active listening, showing empathy and through confirming gestures. Work to acknowledge how they feel.

3.     Show your Perspective– Now that you have acknowledged their perspective, they will be better equipped to acknowledge and listen to yours. Discuss the differences between your perspectives and work to develop a compromise, or win-win between the 2 of you.

4.     Hold them Accountable– People respond well when they are held accountable for their actions and responsibilities. Make sure that you follow through with the ideas or action plan that you have developed.

5.     Show Patience– Not everyone is comfortable with change, and everyone manages change at a different pace. Be aware of the individual’s tendencies for accepting change and practice patience with them through the process.

Learning how to effectively influence others is part skill and part science. The above steps when mastered will increase your ability to influence others.

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