Difficult and Confronting Conversations

Tools for Managing Difficult Conversations and Getting Results!

Can you relate to the following:

  • Difficulty in getting your message across when emotions start to run high and the communication gets uncomfortable?
  • Walking away from a conversation wishing you had said something you are now finding easy to articulate?
  • Trouble trying to communicate your thoughts to someone who dominates you in the conversation?

If so then you need to discover what it takes to have a Difficult and Confronting Conversation!

Difficult and Confronting Conversations is an advanced one-day communication workshop that equips you with the necessary tools to handle high stake, high emotion conversations. Whether you need to understand the key strategies to diffuse tension, influence uncomfortable communication or find mutual purpose and critical resolve then you need the skills to have a crucial conversation.

David really taps into your subconcious and allows you to learn about yourself as a leader well worth it.

Adam Gilford

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Designed For:

This course is a must for any individual who desires to influence and manage dialogue that has the potential to cause stress and conflict, or for those who are looking for techniques to communicate more confidently and accurately. It will benefit anyone who desires to improve open and honest communication in a way that brings effective solutions. This is applicable for those at any level of all organisations.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  One or two day program depending on desired objectives.

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover:

  • How to manage dominating and pushy communicators
  • The key signals that you need to know to manage yourself effectively in uncomfortable communication
  • How to identify  & develop communication strategies that work with all personality & communication styles
  • How to manage your emotions and the emotions of the other party
  • What dual process is and how to use it to manage the physiological dynamic
  • How to identify masking and dishonest closed communication and make it honest
  • How to dialogue to manage difficult situations and people to bring resolution
  • How to maintain healthy, productive relationships
  • How to bring difficult issues to any individual and dialogue to find solutions

“David Presented new concepts and skills to handle staff issues that I deal with everyday at work.  Thank you’re an amazingly sincere and emotionally developed man.”


Whitehorse City Council, (Difficult and Confronting Conversations)

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to defuse any low to high level emotional communication.
  • Understand your unique communication and stress style.
  • Understand the key phrases and set up statements needed to communicate at higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Pattern Interruption techniques to gain back dialogue control
  • Gain a higher level of self awareness and techniques to manage emotions of self and others.
  • Understand the key skills required to plan strategic response in any situation.