Developing Leadership Qualities

The Art of Becoming a High Performing Leader!

1 Day Course

‘Leadership Is Always The Problem And Is Always The Solution’

Developing Leadership Qualities is designed to equip participants with the practical and intuitive skills necessary to lead harmonious and productive teams and individuals. Often in the corporate world, people can be promoted on their technical abilities not on their ability to manage people. This can then become a challenging struggle balancing the behavioral and emotional management of people whilst delivering results. This course will help individuals to understand the dynamics of human interaction and how to effectively utilise the key elements of successful leadership and people management.

Developing Leadership Qualities is a one day course that addresses the core elements of what it takes to be a high performing leader. Whether you lead a team or have reached a higher senior position in your organisation, this course targets the critical skills required to empower people performance through leadership practice.

Designed For:

Anyone who needs to gain results leading teams or individual staff, work effectively with other managers and senior executives, persuade and achieve set outcomes. If you desire to increase your influence in your organisation and make your mark as a high performing leader then this course is a must for you. This course is applicable for non-mangers looking to advance their career, or experienced managers who are familar with the dynamics of leading people.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  One day program

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover

  • Your unique leadership and communication style
  • How to deal with different personality styles
  • The powerful psychology behind motivating a team for success
  • How to use the psychology of persuasion and positive response triggers as a leader
  • The core factors in creating higher team engagement
  • How to avoid the ‘Set up to Fail Syndrome’ so you don’t become the architect of your own problem people
  • How to model and identify the success mindset and behaviour of the great leaders in history
  • Communicate vision with passion and power
  • The strategies to successful delegation
  • What to do when conflict arises from your team and how to build safety
  • The ability to structure and communicate your message persuasively
  • Create a culture that everyone wants to be a part of
  • How to avoid the trap of familarisation from your followers and establish healthy boundaries

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Have a clear action plan to develop your leadership to a whole new level of impact
  • Quickly identify the right strategy to motivate poor performing individuals
  • Communicate and position your message in the most influential way
  • Understand the key characteristics necessary to be a high performing leader
  • Create an inspiring and engaging vision for your team to follow
  • Gain awareness of the core character traits required to be a leader of influence
  • Develop the right strategy to create team harmony and synergy
  • Gain a higher level of self-awareness and techniques to manage emotions of yourself and others
  • Navigate through any conflict that arises and get back on track