Developing High Performance Teams

The Critical Steps to Ensure Your Team Delivers!
“Developing High Performance Teams” is a one-day  program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and understanding to deal with the day-to-day challenges of team performance working in a modern day corporate environment.  Technology has enabled teams to operate from different locations, embrace globalisation and outsourcing, use virtual team models, as well as working across teams, often with conflicting priorities. This demands new models that empower and create a new breed of high performing people.  This course addresses the latest methods and solutions for creating high performers to get your team achieving their objectives successfully. If you are looking for ways to develop the right team dynamic that brings growth, productivity, cohesion as well discovering solutions to manage more challenging team scenarios then Developing High Performing Teams’ is a must for you.

Whatever your role and function within an organisation, it’s likely that you are going to face difficult situations and as a result difficult people.


This course will help you to understand the mechanisms at play when you’re in a difficult situation, and to learn and practise behaviours that will navigate you through the tough times – and help you to avoid them in the first place. Left unaddressed, your difficult situations are unlikely to improve; so something must be done, and you’re the one who has the opportunity to do something about it!

“Great Teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.” Pat Riley

Designed For:

This is applicable to anyone who manages or leads a team and needs to gain the knowledge and understanding of the core skills required. Who has a desire to find strategies to lead relationships that produce results and is looking for new ideas on how to lead more challenging team scenarios. It is also suitable for those who are new in this role or who have experience in leading teams for a period of time and anyone who desires to go to the next level in his or her ability to be a successful and effective team leader.

Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 15 participants.

Duration:  1/2, 1 or 2 day program

Cost: Upon request.

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You Will Discover

  • The key stages of team development
  • How to work with virtual teams and across teams effectively
  • The key strategies to engage and motivate teams in different locations
  • Defining and linking team and organisational goals
  • How to create a winning team culture
  • The power of keeping a team vision focused
  • How to create a team dynamic of accountability and transparency
  • How to avoid the common and costly mistakes many team leaders make which create the “Set up to Fail Syndrome”
  • The psychology of value and how it is the key to engaging your team
  • Strategies to conduct regular health checks on your team and why it will change your team forever
  • How to conduct difficult conversations with team members
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress but working together is success! Henry Ford

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key elements to create a winning team dynamic
  • Develop the right strategy to build cohesion with more challenging team models.
  • Understand the psychology of influence and the triggers that all human beings react to.
  • The power of vision and the right way to communicate it
  • Strategies to work across teams and get results
  • Motivate people to your way of thinking
  • How to identify the current team stage and the strategies to move it forward
  • Deliver the right message to gain buy in from the team
  • Manage differences within the team and position them to release their  hidden potential