As many of you may know I recently did a survey to ascertain what are some of the key challenges people believe they have in business and in life.  One of the themes that arose from this exercise is that many felt that self confidence was a key need to becoming more effective.  When you think about it building self confidence is such a key to success in business and in life that I thought I would do a series of videos on confidence training.

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I know in my own life I have spent a lot of time learning and understanding how to build self confidence as I have noticed how easily my own fears and lack of confidence at times can be a saboteur to my desired success.  My ability to succeed at my endeavours and face the day to day challenges has always had a direct relationship to my self esteem and my confidence to perform.  The difficulty with confidence is that it is easy to identify if we lack some of it but not always that easy to know how to develop it and draw from its power.

In this series we are going to discover some fundamental secrets to unlocking that hidden potential that lies within each and everyone of us. We will start out identifying some of the reasons why we are not always confident and then move into some strategies to develop confidence boosters.

This first video we explore the 3 reasons why we can struggle with our confidence.

1. Conditioning and Believing the Lie

2. The Role of Disappointment and Experiences

3. How Wrong Relationships can have a Big Part to Play in Sabotaging Building Self Confidence.

Just imagine a more confident you managing your business and personal relationships with a different power and skip in your step.   When you’re more confident you carry a different energy and you become more influential, handle conflicts more effectively as well communicate at a whole new level.

It opens up more opportunities and we start to tap into hidden talents and abilities that we never knew we had.

I hope you gain some great value from this new confidence training series and it goes to helping you in your journey and achieving your goals.

To a more confident you,

David Patmore

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