In this third video I explore a technique which has literally changed the way I do life and business.  It has helped me to discover the practical strategy to tap into my confidence and power in many situations where I have faced challenge or have desired to go up to the next level in my journey.

‘Core Centered Communication’  is all about understanding how to find harmony and alignment in the 3 emotion centres that we communicate from.

These 3 emotion centres, when in alignment, release our power as well as our confidence.  When you desire to build self confidence in any area of life and business, whether we are conscious of these 3 centres or not,  they play a critical part in helping us tap into greater confidence.

The 3 physical centres we communicate from are:

1.  The Stomach (Your Drive)

2. The Heart (Your Passion)

3. The Throat (Your Message Strength & Clarity)

When we couple this with our mind and purpose we release a powerful message which will become influential to the people we are communicating to.  In this video I explain in-depth how there is a physical and psychological component to building self confidence. When you have experienced a situation where you felt powerful, in control, natural and felt confident you have this communication harmony in operation. The fact is most of the time we are largely unaware of what is happening on the inside of us when we have a positive experience.  The power of awareness when you understand this technique puts you in the place of being able to recreate the ingredients to use this more strategically in business or in your personal life.

I know you will enjoy this video as I found the techniques life changing for me as I have searched for practical ways to help me achieve more and build self confidence.  Self Confidence is mainly released through our experience and the perception of who we are, when applied this technique will go a long way to helping you release your confidence to a whole new level.

Let me know what you think about this confidence training series by leaving your thoughts below this post.

Wishing you the best of success.

David Patmore

Influencing Skills