This is a powerful video on how poor self talk can be quietly and sometimes unobtrusively eroding our self confidence.

Taking the time to discover how to build self confidence can be one of the best investments you will ever make.  Our confidence is at the core of how we perceive our ability to attempt new things,  or to allow ourselves to be contained by circumstances or people.   Often the very things we desire in life are  just sitting waiting there for us to realise that we have the power within us to obtain them.  Yes it is an issue of self belief, do we believe we can achieve what we want in life and business and more importantly do we believe we deserve it?  In fact, our ability to be confident and the perception of whether we deserve it or not can be very closely related…. just a thought.  Confidence is essentially  your ability to believe in you!  It is not arrogance or misplaced ego it is the quiet achiever going forward and taking each baby step with the hope and faith of experiencing change and a better future in your career and life.

If you start to listen to your Self Talk it can be the key that unlocks your awareness to a new level, revealing what you really believe and are telling yourself is the truth.  When we don’t feel confident we can talk ourselves out of taking respo0nsibility to take the necessary action that will bring us closer to what we really want. There are techniques that can help you tap into that hidden power that you possess releasing higher potential and to propel you beyond fears, excuses and it is truly amazing how much you can really achieve.  Look out for a future video in this series on ‘Core Centred Communication.’  I reveal these secret techniques that not many people know about in that session.

Today start by asking your self a couple of honest questions.  What do I really want our of business and life and what is stopping me achieving it? Yes challenging, I agree when we start to become honest with our real motives.  Does what I say to myself line up with what I desire?

You can achieve incredible things way beyond what you currently believe and taking steps to build self confidence is the doorway to help elevate you to new opportunities and seeing things previously hidden.

You can easily fall into the trap of seeing the reasons we don’t move ahead as something that someone else or circumstances have created,  but my thought in this weeks tip is what are we saying to ourselves on the inside.

In this tip on ‘Self Talk’ I address two things:

1.  Becoming Aware of Your Confidence Snipers

2. How do You Talk to Yourself?

I am sure once you begin this confidence training over the next series of videos you will start to notice a whole new you rise up and take a hold of what you truly deserve.

I would love to hear your stories on how this has helped you, or any tips you have yourself to help others in building their confidence.  Just leave your comments at the bottom of this post.  Your thoughts could make a difference for others who read my Blog from all over the world.

Helping you to release the greater potential in you.

David Patmore

Influencing Skills