57467448Do you spend enough time focusing on your current customers?

While businesses often spend a great deal of time and money on acquiring new customers, it is actually less expensive and more effective to up-sell current customers. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers. So, how can you improve your customer service within your organization?

1. Set Clear Expectations– Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than lack of response. If you are not able to answer your phone or emails during the work day, be sure to set up an email autoresponder and to leave clear direction on your voicemail as to when a customer can expect a response.

2. Answer your Phone– During business hours, ensure that either you or someone on your team answers the phone. Customers begin to become very frustrated when they cannot reach a live individual or are forced to use complicated phone systems during business hours.

3. Under Promise- Don’t Over Promise– Nothing is worse than lack of follow through. Strive to under promise and over deliver on any expectation that you set with a customer.

4. Listen– Customers are not always right, however, listening will facilitate a solution to any issue or problem that you may have. Actively listen to every customer’s conversation whether in person or over the telephone.

5. Throw in Extras– When possible, provide added value to your customers. Whether you add a promotional item, send a thank you card or acknowledge them in some way, going the extra mile will benefit your business over the long term.

Always search for viable ways to improve your customer service. Happy customers will not only provide repeat business opportunities, but they will also in many cases provide valuable referrals that will help to grow your business. All it takes is one unhappy customer to damage your business reputation in the community or online. So be sure that customer service is at the forefront of your thought at all times.

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David Patmore


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