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Communication Barriers – Concept of Charges Part 1

Have you ever had difficulty communicating with someone, or just feel the relationship is more like working with sandpaper that rubs you up the wrong way?

What about  that person in your life, the thorn in your flesh, you know the one… no matter what you say or what you do they just don’t get it and you’re always frustrated?

Well if you can relate to any of the above then this FREE audio series could really be helpful to you.

All relationships professional and personal can have friction points that act like charges going off leaving debris and unresolved feelings that cause a lot of stress and frustration, particularly if we are unaware of there existence. They sabotage our ability to move forward in relationships and we often react to them by withdrawing and not dealing with the blockages because it seems too hard. The problem is they can be difficult to detect, due to the pressure of any incident that may cause a charge to go off, but then continue to dominate the focus of the communication not really addressing the deeper causes.  We can recognise the emotional reactions but we may just put it down to the the other party as the cause.  This is a common reaction to blame rather than identify and deal with the deeper level charges that have been set off, which always exist in both contributing parties.

Come and join me on this 3 part communication training audio series on the “Concept of Charges in Communication.”   It is an interesting exploration of some of the subconscious expressions that we send out to each other.   We will be looking at defining what charges are, how to self identify and finally how you can defuse them and get relational breakthrough.

If you have had difficulty relating with someone for a prolonged period of time then the information in these audios could be just the answer you have been looking for.

To your communicating and relational success at work and in life.





P.S. Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated, read and responded to.  If you can relate to this audio please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below this article, as you never know how this can help and encourage others.

Click here to listen to Communication Barriers Part 2 ‘Identifying Charges.’

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