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Identifying Charges

In this second audio we explore some of the key areas to help identify  when a charge exists.   As charges operate at a deeper sub conscious level and may not always be obvious, a deal of reflection is normally an important part of the identification process.  This audio will help you in looking a little deeper and help you discover where some of these charges may be stopping your business relationships being as productive and forward moving as you would like them to be.

Have you ever wondered why you encounter a similar experience in life that seems to be like you are stuck in a feedback loop?  You know what I mean, the face has changed, it is a different person, but the dynamic you are experiencing with them seems all too familiar.   For example you change jobs because the last boss was too demanding and and had unrealistic standards only to find yourself in a familiar situation again.  You would be forgiven for thinking have I got a big sign or light on my head that says “LOOKING FOR A CRITICAL DEMANDING BOSS WITH UNREALISTIC STANDARDS”  if that is you please hire me.

This is one example of what a typical experience we may be like when we have  a charge going off that we are unaware of. This second audio looks at some questions we can ask ourselves in case our current problem isn’t just the other person who we cant seem to get along with but it is in fact a clash of charges that are driving the contention.

You will need to listen to Part 1 of this audio so this Part 2 will make sense, so if you haven’t you can get up to speed here by clicking the link below:

Communication Barriers – Charges Audio  – Part 1

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