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Defusing Charges

In this third and final audio on the concept of charges we look at how to defuse a charge.  Once again if you haven’t listened to the two previous audios in this series you will find the links at the bottom of this page.  Please go and listen to them as each audio builds on itself and is very helpful communication training.

This 3rd audio is a practical session on how you can start to work at removing the  charge detonator. That is of course you have discovered that you have charge going off in any ongoing relationship.  It is the emotional stress that comes with these difficult interactions that can cause most of us to feel drained and if we are not careful reinforce the charge. This audio starts to bring insight into some strategies you can adopt to manage your way through those emotions.

The solution to defusing a charge is not normally solved by doing one thing.  We are complex as human beings and time as well as perhaps a process of doing 2-3 things to help manage your way to a solution may be necessary.  The main objective for this series is to get us thinking a little more about the concept at an awareness level, as well as help breakdown communication barriers.  When we do become aware of possible charges we may carry, it goes a long way  to starting the process of defusing them.

Click the link below to access Part 1 & Part 2.

Charges Audio  – Part 1 The Concept of Charges

Charges Audio  – Part 2 Identifying Charges

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