About VTI


Founded in 2004, Vision Training International specialises in solutions to many key challenges of  workplace performance and the integration of the interpersonal skills and knowledge.  Some of the topics we address are Leadership, Public Speaking, Presenting, Conflict , Difficult Situations, Negotiations, as well as Employee Engagement, Motivation Strategies, Influencing, Leading Change, Innovation and Team Dynamics plus much more.  We work with people from many of Australia’s well known organisations with a proven track record of results.

Our Mission

To empower and release a generation of high performing, successful individuals by providing quality training solutions, products and services. We are committed to helping people breakthrough their personal barriers and limitations to discover and release their full potential.


Our Vision

To help organisations and individuals in 3 ways:

People:  We provide the strategies to help you develop high performing, successful relationships, as this is the key to your success.

Possibility:  We help you release your vision and explore the possibilities that lie before you.

Performance:  We help you and your team develop the practical skills and attitude necessary to get the results you are after.

‘People, Possibility, Performance’

Our Values


Value – We guarantee value of our product and value in delivery.

Integrity – We are committed to honesty and openness with our clients.

Solutions – There is always an answer!

Innovation – Committed to finding new ways to do it better.

Opportunity – Carpe Diem, Seize the day and the moment.

Nurture – Committed to shaping and supporting people and initiative.


Our Founder

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David Patmore is the Training Director and founder of VTI and has been involved in the Corporate training and consulting arena since 1999. David has a great deal of passion and energy and audiences find him very warm, sincere and easy to relate to. His style is down-to-earth and practical. His strategies are proven, easy to understand, and easy to implement. He also speaks from a life time of personal experience in sales and business and specialises in training solutions that meet specific organisational needs, producing high performing individuals and greater returns on employee investment he is widely sort after in the corporate arena for his business strategies and people development skills.

David has lead & managed for over 20 years so he builds on a wide range of experience in equipping organisations with tools to excel and produce results in personal management, productivity, presentation & interpersonal skills, leading effective teams, negotiating and handling conflict effectively.   His presentation and communication skills have been applied in variety of environments. He has worked in television, radio and with many of Australia’s most well known companies.